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Jessy's Clean Meals

I learned a lot about cooking from scratch from culinary school, and that reflected in my own meals at home. I enjoyed the use of fresh herbs and spices to make meals that were flavorful, but light and healthy.


While working as a bartender, I saw how many people where coming in on the go and grabbing unhealthy, quick bites and so I decided to create healthier lunch meals that are prepared ahead from home. I initially began creating meals for friends and family so that they wouldn’t have to rush through their lunch breaks or eat unhealthy. When that became a hit, people kept coming back asking for more and that’s when Jessy’s Clean Meals started in 2018.


Our menu changes weekly, so be sure to visit our website for the most current offerings. Meals are available on Sundays for your busy week ahead, and include menu items such as: Breakfast Pancakes • Oatmeal Chia Puddings • Prepared Lunches and Dinners • Low-carb meals with Hearty Grains • Keto and Vegetarian Options

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